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JPG Very good response from the team. Test results were detailed and very helpful. Feeling so much better after eliminationg all the elevated and highly elevated foods. Shanthi Srinivasan, Coimbatore It is quite good, when you stop taking food you are diagnosed for allergy, only then you see real benefit. Pranod Yadav, Noida The test is good though would have liked more Indian food stuffs tested. The counselling is good. Gurman, Chandigarh Very helpful and informative.Very useful guide to solve your problems, Would recommend to everyone. Smita Jain, Delhi Mr. Neeraj Arora was very attentive and helpful. The test looks comprehensive. I would request a vegetarian version of the test for Indian clients as half the items don't apply to us. And add more Indian items like tamarind, red kidney beans, etc which use use often. I would request a vegetarian version of the test for Indian clients as half the items don't apply to us. And add more Indian items like tamarind, red kidney beans, etc which use use often. Yes, I have already recommended the test to my family , 6 are getting it done next week. Nupur Gupta, Gurgaon I am impressed with it's professional approach and results. Knowing the fact that a general healthy body may also have a number of allergies from a variety of food items was an eye opening experience. Certainly yes as it may help the educated lot to clarify the myths regarding prevention and cure. Dr. Sushi Singh, Delhi Good test. Bharath Reddy, Delhi This is very revolutionary and helpful test in the health industry and will be very helpful for those suffering from certain health issues. Excellent! Priyaneet kaur, Delhi Got the reports timely and have trust in the credibility of the results obtained. Very supportive ImuPro India team. Easily explained. Only issue is, it's not clear what all has been included in testing for curry powder... I have been found allergic to it, but don't know what to avoid eating for this. Nidhi Saluja, Noida It's a wonderful test ,has helped me to understand what's the right food for me to stay healthy. The entire team of IMUPRO are very helpful and efficient. Anita, Greater Noida I never thot i was allergic to so many foods. Iv never had any visible issues with any food group. Nicely detailed. Maybe. Once it works for me. Karthik M, Anna nagar, Chennai Excellent reports Have really guided me through my allergies!! Mr. Neeraj is extremely helpful and I'm v glad that I got these test done!! I'm glad I know what my issues are and can totally relate to them!! Thx again. Kritika Seth, New Delhi Reality check about what is happening in your body so its a must for everyone. Very impressive system/format of working. I got to know some unbelievable food ingredients that could ever cause a problem in my body. Atleast i am aware of how to make a right choice of food now. Kunal Singh Chhabra, New Delhi Very much informative food allergy test. Abhimanyu Singh, Al Hamriya Street The report was easier to interpret for common people. Yes, i feel more and more people should be aware about it. Sonakshi Sethia, Delhi Very Satisfied with this Food allergy test. Himanshu Rana, Delhi Quite surprised that iam allergic to gluten but thanks to the team for letting me know for better?? Yes definately I would ask every one to go for the test and discover the allergies they dont know about Sunaina Bhusari, Noida Very good and timely service. Caring staff. Rituparna Efficient service. I would recommend them to my friends circle. Pranoy Mohata Well maintained laboratory. Caring staff. Anshumala Efficient service Bhavani Pradhan Quick and timely analysis of my son's condition. Prabha Rao Allergy testing done and reports were also given promptly with detailed analysis. Thank you. Venkatram My son had eczema which was not diagnosed as an allergy earlier. Had been to several medical centers but was not aware that it was an allergic reaction. Good testing and analysis done here. Subramanya Lakshman I was struggling with cough since the last 8 years. Took syrups, medicines but nothing helped. Finally checked here. They did several tests and said I was allergic to the pollen. Fast service and good advice. H.S.R. Rao from Mumbai My daughter used to complain of stomach pain immediately after eating chapathi. It is only after I got her checked here; it was an allergy to wheat products. Now it is eliminated from her diet. I am very happy with the service. Jayashri Sudhir from Gurgaon My little son used to throw up milk, curd immediately after consuming. It was diagnosed here as lactose intolerance. The doctors have assured me that he will outgrow this condition Ranjitha Sridhar from Pune. I have to travel to work for 40 kms everyday. I was suffering from diarrhea which made it extremely difficult. Finally diagnosis was gluten allergy and IBS. I was asked to avoid all wheat products from my diet. Thank you for the timely analysis and help Sriskanda I developed a liking for peanuts when I was around 50 years of age. But within minutes I started developing itching, sore throat and stomach pain. I thought this was because of the extreme cold in Delhi. Later when I could not tolerate it any more, I approached this laboratory. It was peanut allergy. They advised me to totally avoid it for few weeks. Later I was given few every day. Now I am enjoying my favorite peanuts. Chandrashekar from Bangalore I had pain while passing stools, nausea and stomach pain whenever I had outside food. After conducting several tests and found I had an allergy to the soy sauce. I was asked to eliminate it from my diet. I am thankful. Abhishek Shroff Reports are given well in time. I wanted them in quick time since I had to travel abroad. Very good service and efficient. Vijayakumar I used to get a tingling sensation on my tongue and a sore throat. After suffering for three months, I got it diagnosed as allergic to shellfish. Very caring and prompt service. Ashish Ray Prompt and efficient personnel. Good service. Nikhil Dey Caring staff. Neat and hygienic place. Aditya Ganesh The tests and analysis was a blessing in disguise for me. I was lucky for the timely help. Rahul aithal Very quick and efficient service. Venkatsubbu Very helpful staff and good diagnosis. Rana Vijay I was referred to this lab from one of my friends. Yes, very efficient and good reports, in the promised timeline. Vivek Lawrence I was having itching and skin redness, got it checked and diagnosed as allergic reaction here. Thank you. Lakshmi Jaina I used to be very averse to anything with milk. Got it checked here and was found I was allergic to lactose . Sarah Jones I took my mother here for an allergy test. Staff is very courteous and good. Abhijeet It was a lucky time for me when I approached this lab. Very quick service. Sumanth Sen Caring staff and good service. Sanil Lawrence Good service Samarth Efficient operations Sachin Taneja Prompt and good reports Rohit Dey Good service Chandramohan
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