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Food Allergy Test check

Identifying food allergies is not easy, but by giving answers to a set of questions with regard to skin, pain profile and your general well-being, it becomes easy to determine the causative factors of chronic health problems. The results of the Food Allergy Test Quick Check can be received through print, email or sending queries about an IgG food allergy (type III) and Food Allergy Test options. The test is free of cost and the responses to the test are held confidential.

The simple set of questions below can help in detecting the results better:


1. Pain in the abdomen

How long does it pain, after consumption of meals

2. Flatulence

When do you experience flatulence after eating

3. Diarrhoea

When do you experience symptoms of diarrhoea after eating

4. IBS

The symptoms of IBS occur after

5. MorbusCrohn

What is the time lapse between food intake and appearance of symptoms

6. Constipation

When does constipation occur after having your meals



1. Joint and muscle pains

How long after food intake do the symptoms appears?

2. Headache and migraine

When do the symptoms appear after food intake?

3. Back pain

How much time goes by after food intake until the symptoms appear

General questions

1. Have you fasted earlier?

2. If yes, had the symptoms improved?

3. Where there weight fluctuations of more than 1 kg within a span of 24 hours?

4. Do you experience tiredness roughly 2 hours post eating?

General questions

Try to avoid diagnosing any food allergy on your own, especially without any medical aid. Diagnosing and treating a condition on your own could lead to nutritional imbalances. Make a note of the signs and symptoms and run them through your doctor for proper guidance and medical advice.