An IgG food allergy could be serious and cause inflammation of the brain, besides stomach and throat, in extreme cases. These in turn, lead to migraines and headaches. The types of headaches can be identified as throbbing, hammering, pressing etc. depending on the frequency of headaches and their duration. While tension headaches are primary headaches and can be treated directly, their root cause remains uncertain in all cases, more so in the case of migraines. Certain food allergies could trigger these attacks.

The advantage of using Food Allergy Test for screening food allergies is that it gives accurate results and the findings can be used to make dietary modifications. Those struck by migraines often experience long lasting headaches, on any one side of the head. Ranging from weekly to bi-yearly issues, they take a toll on their work, routine and productivity. It is commonly kindled during adolescence and is believed to influence people in the age bracket of 35 to 45 years.


There are two forms of migraine – with and without an aura. The one with an aura commences after warning signs like coordination issues, tingling in the limbs, shoulders or neck, difficulty in speaking and focusing etc. The aura symptoms normally last from 15 - 60 minutes.

Diagnosing migraines:

While there is no particular test to diagnose a migraine, clinical and neurological diagnostic tests are run on patients to identify it. Observation of all the symptoms and additional tests supporting the treatment can be looked at.

Causes of migraine:

One of the main causes of migraine is genetic. Debatable studies show that people who are stressed, sensitive and vulnerable to the external stFood Allergyli are more prone to migraines. Some of the triggers could be as follows: