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Food Allergy Test – a Confirmatory Food Allergy Test?

Food allergies manifest themselves in different ways in different people, many times being the cause of major health complaints. They could induce vomiting, diarrhoea, low blood pressure and other symptoms very quickly after consumption of the food allergen. These allergies are on the rise, affecting 4-8% of the people with at least one form of allergy. The diagnosis and reason of allergy must be found out. While it causes mild reactions in some, it could cause severe symptoms in other people including inflammations, owing to higher levels of antibodies. The diagnosis and tests done at laboratories help to detect the presence of these antibodies.

An easy way to get relief from a food allergy is to avoid that food after confirming the cause via allergy tests. One of these effective approaches to food allergies includes the Food Allergy Test concept, which is based on the exact same principle. As the research in the field of food allergies continues, so does the debate over the correlation between patient complaints and food induced allergies. With Food Allergy Test in the picture, doubt takes a back seat and trustworthy food recommendations come into play.

Critical verdict of Food Allergy Test:

A lot of arguments from critics have been raised time and again. Some of them even debate the fact that food allergies are not very common in occurrence and that IgG antibodies are produced by everybody. However, a doubt remains as some of these critics talk purely about the immediate manifestations of allergies like rashes, caused by histamine release. They do not take the differences between different antibodies into consideration. Histamine is produced by the body, while being naturally present in many foods. When a person gets stressed or is allergic to a substance or food, histamine is released. This throws light on the fact that in this case neither the acute allergies, nor antibodies are actually taken into consideration. When it comes to doing an Food Allergy Test test, the various types of allergies as well as antibodies are considered.

What is the Food Allergy Test test used for?

The Food Allergy Test test is used for antibodies IgG-1, IgG-2, IgG-3 and IgG-4 in order to figure out a specific food allergy and intolerance in a person. It helps in detecting the allergens and refraining from them, thereby in the long run comforting people of the symptoms caused by food allergies.