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  • Comprehensive Blood Test Guide:

    The ImuPro Concept

    GLUCOSE: It is the primary source of energy for all living beings and a higher level of more than 105 fasting indicates the tendency of diabetes.

    Frequent causes of Glucose Increase: Diabetes, poor carbohydrate utilization, syndrome X

    POTASSIUM: It is chiefly found inside the cells low levels of which may indicate severe diarrhea, alcoholism, or excessive use of water pills and can cause muscle weakness and heart problems.

    Frequent Causes of Potassium Increase: Adrenal hypo-function, cortisol resistance, acidosis, ongoing tissue destruction

    MAGNESIUM: This essential element is found in the arteries, heart, bone, muscles, and nerves.

    Deficiency symptoms of which are Anxiety, muscle aches, low body temperature, hyperactivity, insomnia, muscle tremors, nervousness, and rapid pulse.

    Common Causes of Magnesium Increase: Kidney problems

    CREATININE: It is also a product of protein breakdown and the common causes of its Increase results in Kidney Problems, Gout.

    URIC ACID: Uric Acid: Uric acid is the end product purine metabolism. And the common causes of Uric Acid Increase results in: Gout, kidney problems, arteriosclerosis, arthritis. Frequent causes of Uric Acid Decrease can lead to Chronic B-12 or folate anemia.

    LDH: It is an enzyme found in all tissues in the body. The most common sources of LDH are the heart, liver, muscles, and red blood cells.

    Common Causes of LDH Increase: Liver/biliary dysfunction, pulmonary embolism, myocardial infarction, tissue inflammation, tissue destruction, malignancy anywhere in the body, several types of anemias

    IRON: This mineral is very important to help transfer oxygen to the muscle.

    Common Causes of Iron Increase: Hemochromomatosis, liver dysfunction, iron therapy, pernicious and hemolytic anemia Common Causes of Iron Decrease: Iron deficiency anemia

    TRIGLYCERIDES: Triglycerides: It is used as an energy source for metabolism and also as fuel by the body.

    Frequent Causes of Triglycerides Increase: Hyperlipidism, diabetes, alcoholism

    Frequent Causes of Triglycerides Decrease: chemical/heavy metal overload, liver dysfunction, hyper thyroid function

    CHOLESTEROL: It is a group of fats vital to cell membranes, nerve fibers and bile salts. High levels indicate diet high in carbohydrates/sugars and Low levels indicate low fat diet, malabsorption, anemia, liver disorders, and carbohydrate sensitivity.

    Common Causes of Cholesterol Increase: Early stages of diabetes, fatty liver, arteriosclerosis, and hypothyroidism

    Common Causes of Cholesterol Decrease: Liver dysfunction, chemical/heavy metal overload, hyperthyroidism, viral hepatitis

    LDL CHOLESTEROL: It is the cholesterol rich remnants of the lipid transport vehicle.

    Common Causes of Cholesterol LDL Increase: Arteriosclerosis, diabetes, Syndrome X

    HDL: High density lipoprotein is the cholesterol carried by the alpha lipoproteins.

    Common Causes of HDL Cholesterol Decrease: Arteriosclerosis, diabetes, Syndrome X

    HEMOGLOBIN: It provides the main transport of oxygen in the blood and is an important determinant of anemia (decreased hemoglobin) or poor diet/nutrition or malabsorption.

    Common Causes of Hemoglobin Increase: Polycythemia, dehydration, asthma

    Common Causes of Hemoglobin Decrease: Anemia, internal bleeding, digestive inflammation

    T3 (Tri-Iodothyronine): It is a thyroid hormone produced mainly from the peripheral conversion of thyroxine (T-4)

    Common Causes of T3 Increase: Hyperthyroidism

    Common Causes of T3 Decrease: Hypothyroidism

    T-4 (Tetra-Iodothyronine): It is the major hormone secreted by the thyroid gland.

    Common Causes of T4 Increase: Hyperthyroidism

    TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone): It is used to confirm or rule out suspected hypothyroidism

    when T3, T4, T7 are essentially normal and clinical signs suggest hypothyroidism.

    Common Causes of TSH Increase: Thyroid hypofunction

    Common Causes of TSH Decrease: Thyroid hyper-function

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