What is the science behind MetaCheck?

The genetic metabolic analysis MetaCheck by CoGAP® determines four defined meta-types: Alpha (α), Beta (β), Gamma (γ) and Delta (δ). Each Meta-type digests macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) differently. We can recommend the diet type which is likely to work best for you by using this method.

Each of the Meta-type has two exercise variants. The endurance variant (E) is characterized by especially high caloric consumption during endurance activities such as jogging, swimming and bicycle riding, whereas the speed variant (S) shows higher caloric consumption during speed-type sport activities such as Body Pump®, aerobics and strength training.

To determine which Meta-type you are, it is necessary to perform a DNA analysis.
The process of the genetic metabolic analysis takes place as follows:
  • Your counselor advises you and obtains your buccal/cheek swab sample
  • YYour anonymized sample is sent to CoGAP®
  • YMetabolic analysis and reporting of your results to your counselor
  • YCounseling and individually adapted training and dietary recommendations for you
  • YYou will receive:
  • YThe results of your metabolic analysis
  • YIndividualized recommendations for weight management and training
  • YA comprehensive 4-week-nutrition plan
  • YMeta-Type specific food-list with more than 800 products
  • YProfessional follow-up counseling – here, your objectives and your personal circumstances (e.g. gender, age, weight, health status, etc.) will be taken into consideration.
  • YUnlimited access to the CoGAP® nutritional portal (recipe and diet suggestions appropriate for your Meta-type)