First Medical Diagnostics - ImuPro Meta Check NeuroSpot

First Medical Diagnostics foundation stone was laid in the Year 2014 with a vision and a dream to scale new benchmarks in Clinical Diagnostics with a personalised patient care. The idea was to bring about a transformation and best practices into place when it comes to specialised test in the field of Medical Diagnostics , at the patient doorstep , with Gold Stanadard Diagnostics Test . ImuPro, a well established brand in the domain of IgG Delayed Food Testing , was introduced first time in India by FMD. Subsequently advanced investigations like Gene Based Meta Check Test -CoGap and NeuroSpot to measure hormonal level's in the body or better known as Neurotransmitters have been introduced.

Further on an advance Next-Generation-Sequencing based method analysis of the microbial DNA Test - Biomes is going to be introduced soon with the most modern biotechnological . The Medical Practioner have been eagerly awaiting this for long and FMD is pleased to take the lead. Find out more.